Hi, I'm Idan Yekutiel and welcome to knowledge backrooms, where I do my best to traverse the never-ending maze of information. I love learning, even though it can sometimes be difficult and disorienting. Still, I’m always able to find the right path to learn whatever it is I feel like learning at the moment. This very same path is what I want to share with whoever is reading this, currently being you!

I really enjoy topics like Math, Programming, and Business (essentially anything that seems challenging). Doesn't matter what it is, if it seems interesting I'll try to learn it. Don't be surprised if you find me talking about cooking one day.

I decided to document how and why I decide to learn new things and post my experiences here. Why? Because why not. It will be a nice thing to look back at, and hopefully it ends up helping some people along the way. Every time I want to learn something, I use online resources from people that were kind enough to show the path they took and, now that I have the ability to, I would love to do the same.

That's pretty much it. If you find what I talk about in this website interesting, have some feedback, or just wanna talk, be sure to contact me!

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